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Office Systems

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OS 131   10-key on Calculators
Credits: 1.00
Description: Develops 10-key skills by touch. Recommended: Placement into RD 115, WR 115, and MTH 20. Audit available.
OS 220   Business Editing Skills
Credits: 4.00
Description: Develops skills necessary for editing, transcribing, and writing memos, letters and email. Emphasis: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar, and word use. Recommended: Placement into WR 121, keyboard by touch. Audit available.
OS 240   Filing and Records Management
Credits: 4.00
Description: Develops skills for indexing, coding, and cross-referencing documents to be filed. Includes requisitions and charge-outs, records transfer, various filing systems, and an overall view of the role of records management in business including electronic and image records. Recommended: RD 115; WR 115; and CAS 133 or CAS 140. Audit available.
OS 245   Office Systems and Procedures
Credits: 4.00
Description: Develops the skills of an administrative professional for current business practices. Uses computer technology for tasks such as scheduling, email, and faxing. Develops communication, organization and prioritizing skills, telephone techniques, problem solving, and analytical abilities. Analyzes current trends in workplace ethics and the multi-cultural workplace. Develops workplace readiness and applies job search skills for current job market. Prerequisites: CAS 216 and OS 220. Audit available.
OS 250   Creating a Virtual Office
Credits: 4.00
Description: Covers all aspects of creating an office for a virtual specialist. Includes developing an individual business plan, creating a marketing plan incorporating a social media marketing strategy, establishing a fee rate range, identifying software requirements, planning a company website, legal requirements, insurance issues, negotiating contracts, and creating a file management system. Recommended: CAS 246. Audit available.
OS 251   Virtual Office Concepts
Credits: 4.00
Description: Introduces the concepts and skills needed to become a successful virtual assistant. Covers time management, business relationships, telephone techniques, telecommuting, ethics, conflicts, stress management, separating home and office life, networking with other virtual assistants, virtual assistant associations, conducting virtual meetings, legal requirements, insurance issues, negotiating contracts, and creating business webpage and electronic portfolio. Prerequisite: OS 250 or instructor permission. Recommended: CAS 111D. Audit available.
OS 280F   Cooperative Education: Administrative Assistant
Description: Provides field experience for the administrative assistant. Recommended: RD 115, WR 115 and satisfactory progress through at least 15 credit hours of CAS/OS courses, or instructor permission required. Audit available.