Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

PCC achieves educational excellence by being accountable and committed to achieving diversity. Through leadership, staff, student body, educational programs and business opportunities that serve the community, it acts as a model for others to follow. In addition to adhering to its Nondiscrimination policy B 206, PCC supports the following practices:

  • Recruit, hire and retain a diverse and qualified faculty and staff.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse student population.
  • Build a critical mass of culturally competent employees.
  • Expand economic opportunities to include the utilization of under represented businesses.
  • Create partnerships and relationships that are inclusive of all segments of the community.
  • Design, maintain and review all programs to ensure their relevancy to the diversity objectives.
  • Measure outcomes and publicize results.

Diversity Councils

In response to the 2005 Diversity Advisory Committee’s recommendations, four campus diversity councils were convened in order to advance individual campuses towards a more inclusive and rewarding environment.  The charge of the campus diversity councils are to: establish annual and long-term diversity goals for the campus; promote diversity through events on campus; review the campus climate; and hold the PCC as an institution accountable for making continued progress towards diversity.

In 2010, the District Leaders of Diversity Councils group was formed to implement a district-wide, multifaceted, comprehensive diversity program that will continue to advance and incorporate diversity into every aspect of activity at PCC, including: student life, the curriculum, teaching, programs, staffing, personnel training practices, community service and events.


The Campus Councils have ongoing activities and events that are open to all faculty, staff, and students. Follow the PCC Events web page or the Arts, Culture and Communities events calendar to stay up on what’s going on.