The PCC Catalog

2013-2014 Catalog

The annual college catalog contains:

  • Admission requirements, career information, and the courses required for each PCC degree and certificate.
  • The description for each credit course.
  • Information on student support services.
  • A list of full-time faculty.

The PCC Catalog is available:

  • Online: visit the new Catalog website
  • At bookstores: You may buy a catalog at any PCC Bookstore for $3 or order one by mail for $6. To order a catalog by mail send a check or money order for $6 to: PCC Bookstore P.O. Box 19000 Portland, Oregon 97280-0990. If you have questions or want to request a catalog by phone or email, please call 971-722-4704 or email

If you're pursuing a degree, certificate, or credits to transfer, use the catalog and an advisor to plan the courses you will take. The quarterly schedule of classes lists the times and locations of classes that are offered each term; it doesn't specify what classes you need to take.

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