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Sue & Tom Bowers

Sue & Tom Bowers

PCC supports our whole community, including the long-running Senior Studies Institute (SSI). I got involved about ten years ago and now serve on the board. Our group of more than 300 members has current events discussions, a DVD Great Books Series, lectures and talks, poetry, play reading and a few social events. It’s a great group that provides intellectual stimulation, as well as socializing and lots of laughter.

SSI was our first introduction to PCC and our affection for the institution has grown as we have learned more about the various programs offered and the students served. 

Tom and I have worked with young people for several years–he at Clackamas County and I at Kinship House. We know first-hand the difficulties young people, especially those aging out of foster care, have getting a job, some education and even having their basic needs taken care of. PCC offers a chance for younger, as well as older, people to gain the skills and contacts to get good jobs.

We became Champions for Opportunity because extra support often makes the difference in the success of this vulnerable population of students.