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Kimberly Cooper

Kimberly Cooper

I’ve long been inspired by PCC's broad impact and its wide range of quality educational opportunities for students. There is a home for everyone at PCC, including those who are in career technical programs to gain family-wage jobs, those who are striving to pursue a four-year or advanced degree or those who enjoy being lifelong learners in continuing education classes. I’m also inspired by the work of the PCC Foundation, which ensures equitable access to this top-notch education to everyone in our region.  

While serving on the PCC Foundation Board, I learned about the needs around student hunger and housing. If you're hungry, it's hard to study. If you don't have gas money to get to campus, that's a barrier. Because PCC truly approaches education holistically, the Foundation worked to develop integrated components to help students complete their studies and find success regardless of these barriers.

I became a Champion for Opportunity to help provide support for students because talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. This is also my way of honoring all the champions in my own life who have paved the way for my own opportunities for growth and development. Everyone needs a champion, especially right now.