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Cherie D. Chevalier

Cherie Chevalier

Many years ago, I was a single mother working in the K-12 education system. I needed a master’s degree to move forward in my career, so I started taking classes at night. Although it wasn’t easy, I earned my degree while caring for my children and maintaining my full-time job. 

That hard-earned education has afforded wonderful opportunities for my family, so when I began my position at PCC and was invited to contribute to the Foundation, I happily obliged. As time passed, I saw the profound impact the Foundation has on students and I became more involved.

I worked with the Foundation to honor my niece’s memory. A single mom who took night classes and often felt like giving up, she passed away just six credits shy of receiving her accounting degree. In honor of her perseverance, we established a scholarship for students struggling to stay in school while taking care of their families. 

I became a Champion for Opportunity to assist administrators and staff members who struggle to meet their students’ varying and complex needs. I want to help meet those needs in some way, and as a Champion, I can do my part to remove barriers to students’ success. I want them to keep going and to experience the good life that education can help provide.