Women's Leadership

Fazila Raheel | WRC Alumna Talia Potter | WRC Alumna Angelica Lim | WRC Alumna

Women's leadership draws out the voices of the silenced, engenders trust, builds a shared vision and collective action, facilitates learning - within the individual and the group, inspires confidence and promotes empowerment, requires telling the truth, supports others to develop as leaders.

The PCC Sylvania Women’s Resource Center, built on a feminist philosophy of shared leadership and decision-making, is a home place that nurtures the growth of women leaders. Through its programs and practices women are provided opportunities to test their ideas, reflect on experiences, and learn from their successes and failures. Through these exchanges, they expand their thinking, clarify and reaffirm their values, and develop the fullness of their own voice; they also come to understand their limitations, and more fully appreciate what others have to offer.

The PCC Sylvania Women’s Resource Center is preparing a new generation of leaders with vision and courage, who will go on to participate effectively in the decision-making spheres in community, business, politics, and the professions.