Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

What is VoiceTread?

VoiceThread is a voice collaboration tool within the D2L system. You can create, upload, and share media presentation, documents, images, audio, and video. You can also leave comments using microphone, webcam, text, phone, or audio-file upload. You can keep a VoiceThread private used as individual assignment or share it with the class.

What happened to Wimba Voice Tools?

Please note that Distance Education has adopted VoiceThread to replace Wimba Voice Tools, which has reached end of life.

Using VoiceThread

Distance Education is piloting VoiceThread with a small number of classes for fall 2016. This will help us develop best practices and support resources for a larger adoption. We will slowly add instructors by invitation for winter and spring terms.

VoiceThread is integrated with D2L Brightspace. You will need a D2L course to use VoiceThread. Please review the following information to get started.


If you would like training, please contact your campus IT Specialist to schedule a 1-1 training or check out our training workshop schedule.