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ScreenshotWhat are Voice Tools?

Voice tools give students the opportunity to practice aural and vocal communication skills outside of class time. They promote a sense of community and bonding among students.

The tools include:

Voice Board:
a threaded, voice-based discussion board that can also be used for one to one vocal exercises (asynchronous). Can be made private for oral assessment.
Voice Email:
enables you to send a vocal email message with an optional text feature that will be sent to PCC email accounts.
Voice Recorder:
enables you to add vocal instructions or information to accompany content within a web page.
Voice Direct/Chat:
a synchronous live voice chat application for meeting/discussion.
Voice Presentation:
a presentation tool that consists of web content (website URL) alongside voice messages for comment.
Wimba Podcaster:
a tool that allows for creation of and subscription to podcasts, allowing you to share audio content via iTunes/ iPod.
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Account Related

  • Email Andy Freed to request a Voice Tools account..