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Don't be fooled by YouTube's auto-generated captions. Almost all YouTube videos have a CC button, but be warned, they could be auto-generated/machine transcribed captions that are usually quite awful.

Verifying captions are by humans and not auto-generated

To determine if a YouTube has auto-generated captions (consider these as uncaptioned) or captions done by a human (much preferred),

  1. Click on the Settings button in the bottom right corner of the video player.
  2. Choose Subtitles/CC
  3. Make sure there is an English option, and not just an English (auto generated) option.

Searching for human transcribed captions

To search for human transcribed captioned videos on YouTube, follow this easy search technique.

  1. Enter your search term (for this example, let's say I'm searching for videos on volcanoes) in the YouTube search field.
  2. Add a: , CC (that's a comma, CC)
  3. Hit Enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

YouTube search box with volcanoes,cc it

Google Video

Google owns YouTube, but they also offer a separate Advanced Video Search over the entire Web.

  1. Fill out the Advanced Video Search fields that you need.
  2. Check the "Subtitles: Search only closed captioned videos" checkbox.
  3. Hit Enter or click the Search Videos button.

Google Advanced Video Search with search only closed captioned videos checked

Described and Captioned Media

Search the DCMP media library for media to use in your class. It's free to join if you are an instructor. In addition to captioned media, you can find described media that makes the video fully accessible to a blind person.