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Grant needs summary survey

The Grants Office works on grant proposals to federal, local, and state funding sources as well as to private and corporate foundations. Faculty and staff interested in pursuing a grant should contact the Grants Office and complete theĀ Grant needs summary survey.

The PCC Grants Office serves as the clearinghouse for all college departments and personnel seeking grant opportunities to advance the mission of the college, prevent duplication of efforts, and maximize grant revenue for the college. All grants, including requests for partnerships, must be vetted through the Grants Office prior to submission. The Grants Office is a district-wide college department under Academic Services and Student Affairs.

Services we provide
Our team is responsible for facilitating the development and submission of grants, including proposals to federal, state, and local agencies. Learn about how we do this and how we set priorities when choosing grants to pursue.
Grant writing resources
The Grants Office maintains a funding resource center to help you find funders and help. A list of funded and sample grants is also available.
Frequently asked questions
Answers to questions such as, "Can I write my own grant?", "I'm confused about whether I should work with the Grants Office or the PCC Foundation. Who can help me?" Check here for answers to questions that come up often.
Who to call when you have a Grants Office question.
Satisfaction survey
The Grants Office strives to offer quality service to the College. If you have recently completed a proposal with the Grants Office, we would like to know what you thought of our service and assistance. Your feedback will help us improve. Please print this form and mail or fax to the Grants Office.

Are you a student?

Attention students: The PCC Grants Office works with departments and faculty to obtain grants for College programs and operations. All Student Aid, including grants, is handled through the Financial Aid department.