Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Josh Laurie Josh Laurie
Program Manager
I am a teacher at heart and I love working with students as they transition from high school to college. I feel lucky to work with so many students who are thriving at this level. For the last fifteen years I have worked within high schools, alternative schools and community based organizations to help make positive change for students who are underrepresented. My goal is to work alongside all students who enter the Future Connect Program to help them realize their full potential.
Becca Parker Becca Parker
Cascade College Success Coach
I have had the privilege of being a part of the Future Connect team since the summer of 2011 and have worked with teens and young adults since 2005. It is hugely inspirational to see students excel in college who have struggled with school in the past or who have been told that they are "not college material." I work with all of my students to find academic success, earn a degree and to discover the career that they will love.
Kelly Love Kelly Love
Cascade Campus Success Coach
My passion is working with students to find and reach their educational dreams. As someone who worked and raised children during both college and graduate school, I know how challenging it can be to succeed in school. Drawing on my background working at the high school and college level, I collaborate with students to help navigate every step from the college admission process to completion. I am inspired by watching students discover their self-confidence and abilities throughout this process.
Suzanne HesseSuzanne Hesse
Southeast Campus College Success Coach
After graduating from Portland State University with a Master's Degree in English, I have been teaching writing and literature as well as advising and guiding students at several educational institutions for the past twelve years. I enjoy helping students learn how to refine their ideas into coherent, strong arguments and watching as they grow more confident in themselves. Becoming a College Success Coach at PCC allows me to devote more one-on-one attention and support to students to help guide them through their college career, and gives me a stronger voice to advocate for my students. Most importantly, I want to help my students and advisees see their potential and to guide them successfully through their education and career goals, breaking down barriers as we go. I've always been drawn to education as the daughter of two teachers, and I am honored to be a part of my students' journeys and I am grateful for the chance to not only guide them, but also to learn from them.
Brittany BristBrittany Brist
Southeast Campus Success Coach
While navigating college and preparing for my career, like many students, I was undecided in which direction to take. I worked in multiple arenas, including at a bakery and a ski resort, when I began utilizing student support services and volunteered by assisting students to prepare for college. This journey lit up my passion for supporting students who are pursuing higher education. Throughout the years I have worked in higher education as an academic advisor and college success coach, in which it is my goal to provide individualized support that assist students to overcome barriers and thrive as college students. I look forward to my continued work of supporting students to find their passions and meet their educational and career goals.
William Butler-PaisleyWilliam Butler-Paisley
Sylvania Campus Success Coach
Central to my educational philosophy is that every student has the potential to succeed. However, I also believe that none of us can succeed all by ourselves. When a student makes a connection with a mentor, instructors, and peers, he or she can begin a life-changing adventure of learning and personal growth. As a student success coach, I find immense joy in helping to remove barriers so that students can flourish as they pursue their academic goals. My college career began on a community college campus, and it served as a launching pad for a lifelong love of learning and curiosity. It was in college that I “found myself” as a student and community member, and it is now my wonderful obligation to help students make the same discovery.
Dara Khon Dara Khon
Rock Creek Campus Success Coach
I love seeing students thrive, believing in themselves, realizing their full potential is completely possible, after taking that first step. College is that first step for many of our students. My attitude towards success is, whether you are Ivy-league or self-taught, intelligence can be developed and my role as an educator is to drive, inspire, motivate inner strength and support students to develop a stronger sense of emotional intelligence, self-love and perseverance. My job is inspiring because I get to witness survivors on so many different levels.
Adam LuceroAdam Lucero
Rock Creek Campus Success Coach
As a witness to the power of education, I am passionate about increasing access and equity so all students can achieve their academic and career goals. My personal story has many parallels to the students we serve in the Future Connect Program and I am familiar with the challenges that come with navigating the college system--particularly for first-generation and low-income students. As a youth and equity worker for several years in the Portland community, I have referred several students to Future Connect and have been amazed by their growth and achievements. Now, as a member of the Future Connect Team, I get to encourage, support, and advocate for young people that did not always know success could be for them. This allows me to harness my passion for education and equity while championing for talented students on their own academic and personal journey.
Jana DaughertyJana Daugherty
Multnomah County Recruitment Specialist
I love working in education and getting to see students transform their lives. My own experiences in college were life-changing and opened up so many doors for me. I’m passionate about helping youth access those same opportunities. Every day I’m inspired by the students I work with and impressed with their intelligence, resilience, and determination. I’ve worked in education since 2001 and feel so fortunate to get to connect with students about Future Connect and help them take their first steps towards college.
Jose Esparza Jose Esparza
Washington County Recruitment Specialist
I have over 10 years of professional experience working in education but my real learning happened a long time ago as a low-income, first-generation college student trying to navigate my way through college. I wish someone had been there to assist me through the admissions process, explaining college procedures, financial aid, and understanding degree options. This is why I relish my role as a College Success Coach. My job allows me to serve students and be their resource guide. As a coach, I’m committed to helping students reach their educational and personal goals by providing help, advice, and direction regarding their college experience.