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Check out the list below of the 2013/2014 Rock Creek Clubs. All Clubs need to re-charter for the 2014/2015 academic year. See a club that interests you, simply contact the club corrdinator for more information and meeting times. Have an interest that isn't listed? Start your own club!


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Monday October 6th - Wednesday October 8th
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For more information stop in and see us at the Clubhouse: Building 3, Room 128 or email us at

Program-Based Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
BA Welding Club To promote the field of welding and to provide a social network to anyone interested in welding

Duncan Howarth

Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Club To promote teamwork and enhance the experience of the students of the AMT program and the PCC community.

Nathan Rieben

Bare Metals Club To give students a chance to meet more people with the same interest, to learn more outside of the classroom, and become involved in the world of cars.

Scotty Owen

Flight Crew Promote the Aviation and Aviation Science program to the public while providing networking, study aids, and help to aviation enthusiasts, pilots, mechanics, and students.

Kevin Short (

Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) To bring the OLI mentors and mentees together and participate in community service projects as a group.

Angel Camacho

Student Organized Diesel Association Club  To enhance the learning environment of the Diesel Services
program and to promote the skills needed in the work industry.
Kristin Pierce

+STEAM Club To work with students in the science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. We will work on projects involving robots, electronics, 3D printers, art, mathematics, etc.

Eric Thomas

Vet. Tech Club To promote the field and veterinary technology to provide a source for involvement while students are in school, to cause money to give back to program, to do community service, to promote program animal adoption.

Jordie Gredvig

Landscape Club A group for LAT students and Landscape enthusiast to get together showcase our program at PCC and the community, gain professional development opportunities. As well to learn and support the community through engaging activities related to horticulture, landscape design and gardening.

Richell Chiu

PCC BAMZA Zoo Science Club To expand the horizons of PCC BAMZA students by exploring other animal care facilities, cultivating zoological knowledge, and promoting conservation efforts.

Marie Bello


Educational/Service Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
Potters Guild To prmote and create pottery, workshops and sales. Linda McDonald (
Green Team The purpose of the Green Team Club is to get students involved with sustainability at Rock Creek like the Loop Tour, the Learning Garden, and educational opportunities.

Thi Nguyen

QSA To inform people on the importance of having allies in the LGBTQ
community and inform on issues regarding both LGBTQ and straight students.

Kevin Pfau

Students for Life To unite pro-life students and open conversation with pro-choice students.

Caleb Knezevich

Phi Theta Kappa A great opportunity for students to get involved in the community through volunteering, we offer our members a variety of nationwide scholarships, and an opportunity to attend conferences where they learn about being a scholar and a leader in their community.

Brianda Alcazar

Rock Creek Business Club To help students learn more about the world of business.

David Thompson

Rock Creek Veterans Club To help veteran students stay connected for comradely, assistance, and understanding through a common network they are familiar with. Lauren Manning
Volunteer Club To gather together and do volunteer at certain events at PCC. The club serves as a foundation so anyone interested in volunteering can come to.

Ted Cheng

The Kitty Hawks To promote the role of women in the fields of aviation science and aviation maintenance. Cassia Hardesty (

Diversity/Multicultural Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
African Cultural Exploration Club
To discover the African culture, music, dance, art, tribes, rituals, and food by traveling to diverse African countries through their national dishes, their history, and their way of living.

Francine Talla

QSA To inform people on the importance of having allies in the LGBTQ
community and inform on issues regarding both LGBTQ and straight students

Kevin Pfau

International Club To get international students involved, share diverse cultural experiences, build connections with Rock Creek students, and to have fun.

Tuong Hoang

Japanese Pop Culture Club To promote greater understanding between our culture and other cultures. We wish to explore Japanese Pop Culture and share it with others.

Mikki Brown


(United States Hispanic Leadership Institute)

USHLI club will help member’s organize upcoming events and will participate in campus events. We hope to promote a positive and productive environment for our members and volunteers.

Abel Mandujano




Social/Recreational Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
Northwest Collegiate Ministries To provide students opportunities to grow in their Christian walk; to provide a safe place for students who are trying to figure out what they believe; to develop strong leaders by giving opportunities in a team; to work together serving doing mission action projects on campus, our community, and world; to share Jesus Christ with those who want to hear.

Morgan McMichael


Billiards Club Unite the billiards community at PCC Rock Creek while both learning and teaching skills from each other

Spencer Skurja

EBEN-EZER Christian Club Teach fellowship and establish a foundation in student’s life here at PCC and in higher institutions by empowering them with the words of God and giving them support in any aspect of life.

Serge Wcyalika

Knits & Crafts Club

A club for students to get together and learn creative projects such as knitting, crochet, scrapbooking , and other art and crafts projects; for recreation, personal fulfillment, creative expression, relaxation, and to reach out to campus community through crafts sales/fundraisers and craft workshops.

Angela Durden


Musical Collaborators (PCC MC) The purpose of this club is to bring together musicians, music producers, artists, song-writers, and rappers who wish to gain experience in a band collaborating and or playing live. From flute to beat boxing, to guitar to piano, all musicians are welcomed.

Erik Jarlstrom

Parenting Club For parents to get together and discuss about issues related to parenting. Discussion topics include: parenting tips, childcare resources, etc.

Kimber Donnelly

Rock Creek FC/ Panthers Futsal To promote boys and girls soccer and to be able to play against other teams. Marlene Ascencio (
Hip Hop Club To allow dancers to come together and share moves and knowledge with each other.


Theatre Club To enhance the PCC Rock Creek Theatre Community, to encourage appreciation of live arts among the campus, and to congregate for the practice of theatre skills.

Kenzie Chapman

Volleyball Club To offer students the opportunity to be a member of an activity oriented club which is recreation oriented, not competitive.

Martin Dadaj


Yugioh Club Create a community on campus that gathers students to play the competitive and social game of Yugioh; which encompasses being strategic and working as a team. Corey Dang
Magic The Gathering Cards Club To gather people who enjoy playing MTG and provide a friendly environment in which to play and trade cards as well as create a network to have fun with via events, tournaments, and meetings.

Andrew Zhou

Rock Climbing Club To practice rock climbing together, share the skills and learn from each other

Jacob Fein

Harry Potter Club  

Haley Livingston

Taekwondo Club  

Mike Mccauley