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Check out the list below of the 2016/2017 Rock Creek Clubs. All Clubs need to re-charter for every academic year.

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American Red Cross Club

This is the American Red Cross Club. We are dedicated to humanitarian work and also helping those in need and the surrounding community.


We are an academic club which provides information to students related to business topics.

Break Dance Club

We meet twice a week to practice in a friendly judgement free environment to help ascend each others lobby moves and skills!

BA Welding Club

We are a group of welders who are on the pursuit to build America.

Comic Creators

The Comic Creators Club is a place where people with creative talents and comic enthusiasts come together to create a medium of visual storytelling enjoy the comics and the history of them. We study techniques and learn from each other. Artists and writers collaborate, or artists collaborate together to put together stories to be self-published in a zine-like format each term with resources at the college including its printing center. The funds from each zine sold would go for club activities like booking a table at local zine/comic arts conventions that come around yearly in Portland. One in particular is the “Portland Zine Symposium.” Our goal is to get our stories to readers and be creative each step of the way.

Campus Crusade

Christ Cru is a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ, We are a club that meets weekly and does a bible study.

ECHS Social Committee

ECHS SC was created with the intent to bring together students participating in the Early College High School program, creating a sense of community and welcoming.


The ESOL Club is assembled of current and former ESOL students. We do different activities in order to meet people, make friends, practice English and learn about other cultures. One thing we do is have a book club a few times a term. We also have "movie night" in which we watch movies from the members' countries and discuss them. We also do field trips around Portland; for fun and to explore local culture, places and history.

Food Recovery Club

We are a service-based club who focuses on bridging the gap between food waste and food insecurity in our community. This will be our third year as a campus club. We have won both campus and district awards! In the last year we have recovered over 2,000 lbs of food that would have otherwise been thrown away and donated it to a local 501c non-profit partner organization!

Friendship is Magic

To promote My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, unify and connect fans of the show at PCC and the Portland area, and introduce the show to prospective fans.

Henna Design Club

This club is designed for PCC members to improve their henna skills, begin to learn from each other and even be practice subjects during henna sessions.

International Club

To get international students involved, share diverse cultural experiences, build connections with Rock Creek students, and to have fun.

Korean Culture Appreciation Club

Korean Culture Appreciation Club (KCAC) is open to all students who want to learn about Korean history and culture. We plan to meet bi-weekly, and discuss various topics, do fun activities, and learn about Korea together!

K pop Dance Cover Club

This is a club meant to bring those who want to come together and dance some k-pop with other people. It is a fun club and doesn't require very much.

Learning Garden

The Learning Garden Club of Rock Creek strives to educate our community on sustainability and promote environmental awareness through gardening!

Landscape Tech. Club

The LAT club strives to encourage involvement, curiosity and passion in the landscape industry.

Muslims of Rock Creek

Our goal is to have a positive, supportive club and show what the religion really means. By volunteering and doing events and debates.

Minority Male L. Inst.

MMLI is a group that fosters that academic success of minoritized students and raises awareness of the issues that these students face.

Multicultural Club

The purpose of the multicultural club helps promote unity among international students. The club assists international students with the adjustment to the American educational system and culture. It also provides a venue to meet new people and develop relationships with explore to other cultures.

M. Aviation Bound Students

Our goal is to provide a viable and continuing support organization for prospective and current AMT students who have expressed interest in missionary aviation by collaborating with missionary aviation supporters internal and external to the student body. This will (1) help prospective and new students get into and established in the AMT or flight program, (2) motivate established students to continue to pursue excellence and (3) assist students near completion of the program to obtain last certificate and find employment. The club is also a place where members can "bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.


The mission of Beta Gamma Lambda is to recognize and encourage scholarship, academic achievement and excellence among students of Rock Creek Portland Community College. We will provide and promote opportunities for individual growth and the development of leadership, scholarship, fellowship and service to the community. We will strive to create an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas, ideals, and stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Our colors are those of our society, blue for scholarship and gold for purity.

Potters Guild

The pottery guild provides opportunities for students to participate in art events on campus, organize student pottery sales and sponsor visiting artists for educational experiences with proceeds from our sales.

Panthers Rugby Club

PCC Panther Rugby's mission is to share the sport of rugby with the pcc community.

Parenting club

We are a club of parents. We are here to support one another as students and as parents. We help represent an important part of PCC's parent population and help in securing a new child care center here at the Rock Creek Campus.

Put a Price On It

The goal is to enhance carbon taxes. We plan to lobby and help push the government to enhance carbon taxes.

PCC Flight Crew

To show people what aviation is about. We plan on getting the community involved.


To inform people on the importance of having allies in the LGBTQ community and inform on issues regarding both LGBTQ and straight students.

Rock Creek Biology Club

To engage in modern biology through creative activities such as 3D printing, games, and community activities. This is a great place to meet other people with similar interests.

Rock Creek Bee Keeping

The club will be learning about beekeeping by assisting Anne (our campus beekeeper) with her beekeeping duties at (seasonal) weekly bee education time 10-11 on Fridays. The club will also assist with campus education about pollinators and pollinator friendly habitats.

S.T.E.A.M Club

To promote students creativity to make students imaginations a reality using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

Springville Tutoring Club

An opportunity to learn, foster your math skill. Math Tutoring Club is a volunteer club. We welcome all students to come and help tutoring the Springview Elementary School children with their math homework. It's a great opportunity that volunteer get tutoring experience.

Sticky Feet Rock Climbing

To bring rock climbers of all skill levels together to have fun and improve their skills.

Students Disabilities Union RC

The Students with Disabilities Union has started at PCC to work towards getting a Resource Center for Student with Disabilities. This club is going to start beginning the work in order to accomplish that. We want to create a community for students who struggle with disabilities or for people who want to support their fellow students with disabilities. We will do things as a community, like movie nights or learn more about the community we participate in.

Students for Change

RC Students for Change purpose is to educate about social justice by promoting social awareness and participation through lectures, workshops, and discussions.

Theatre @ Rock Creek

A student-run club dedicated to performing on a stage. We play improvisational games in the start of the term and put on a performance towards the end. All thespians and stagehands are welcome.

Vet Tech

We are devoted to advocating for both the professional development of veterinary technicians and the animals in their charge, as will as educating the community on the roles of veterinary professionals through outreach and community service.

Veterans Club

We do outreach for our student Veterans, we also love to do community events on campus such as the Christmas stocking event at the end of the year. The Veterans club is a friendly group that not only host events that benefit our students, but those who are in need outside of campus as well.

Zoo Science

The Zoo Science Club is a student organization at Portland Community College that promotes careers in zoo fields and conservation of wildlife and nature.