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Check out the list below of the 2015/2016 Rock Creek Clubs. All Clubs need to re-charter for the 2015/2016 academic year. See a club that interests you, simply contact the club coordinator for more information and meeting times. Have an interest that isn't listed? Start your own club!

Program-Based Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
Welding Club@PCC Rock Creek To promote the field of welding and to provide a social network to anyone interested in welding

Michael Falvey




Bare Metals Club


To provide a community of auto enthusiasts where we can learn more about vehicles and to help others with automotive repair needs

Troy Woodson



Social Justice Club

To work on the issues that affect PCC students and staff

Christian Calzada


S.T. E.A.M Club To promote students creativity to make students imaginations a reality

Matthew Johnson



Network Marketing Club

To inspire dreams, break away from the zombie-grind, financial independence, debt free change where we purchase your consumer products, become IBO and earn tax breaks.

Joshua Taylor


MABSAMT Collaborate with missionary aviation supporters internal and external to the student body in order to help prospective and new students get into the established program. To motivate established students to continue to pursue excellence and assist students near completion of the program to obtain last certificate and find employment.

Joe Adams


Flight Crew Promote the Aviation and Aviation Science program to the public while providing networking, study aids, and help to aviation enthusiasts, pilots, mechanics, and students

Tyler Zalewski


Vet. Tech Club To promote the field and veterinary technology to provide a source for involvement while students are in school, to raise money to give back to program, to do community service, to promote animal adoption program.

Hannah Hargens



LAT Club

To provide horticultural and landscape related activities for students. To foster comradery among students and network activities.

Elizabeth Brewster


ECHS Social Committee To organize social events for EARLY COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL students in order to build communication and academic support between one another

Kylie Drews


Zoo Science Club

To promote and engage in activities that provide professional development, while connecting the public to animal and environment while providing networking connections with other like-minded individuals

Amber Valdez


Educational/Service Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
Potters Guild To promote and create pottery, workshops and sales

Carol Schallberger


Tutoring Club Create a network where students can help each other doing their homework

Marcellin Kibonge




The ESOL Club is primarily for current and former ESOL students who want to practice and improve their English Skills while doing fun activities ( i.e. Book Club).

Fidelia Twenge-Jinings


Phi Theta Kappa A great opportunity for students to get involved in the community through volunteering, we offer our members a variety of nationwide scholarships, and an opportunity to attend conferences where they learn about being a scholar and a leader in their community

Marcellin Kibonge


Food Recovery @ Rock Creek To prevent campus food waste by recovering and donating unsold, unconsumed food while promoting sustainability and giving back to our community

Stephanie Saunders


Learning Garden Club To support the PCC Rock Creek Learning Garden and to promote education on sustainability and local food topics

Aurora Fulgencio


Veterans Club@ Rock Creek To help veteran students stay connected for comradery, assistance, and understanding through a common network they are familiar with

Robert Mallory


Diversity/Multicultural Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email
Queer Straight Alliance

To inform people on the importance of having allies in the LGBTQ
community and inform on issues regarding both LGBTQ and straight students


Ryley Ha'o-Magno



Pacific Islanders Club

Connect people from the Pacific Islands who are attending PCC and to link people from other parts of the world to learn/know about the Pacific Island culture and heritage

Emman Parian


Cultural Club To gather people from different backgrounds in order to have fun and discuss about cultures from around the world

Joshua Dambej


International Club To get international students involved, share diverse cultural experiences, build connections with Rock Creek students, and to have fun

Lomayani Meekisho


Muslims of Rock Creek To bring together like- minded individuals to enlighten, discuss and share in the spiritual manner of the Muslim culture

Zakarlya Rodgers


CRU - Campus Crusade for Christ To bring together like -minded individuals in order to create a better understanding of spiritual text through weekly bible studies

Stephanie Kramer


Social/Recreational Clubs

Name Description Coordinator Email

The Teakwondo Club

To promote the tenets of Tae Kwon Do: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit

Andrew Barlow


The Parenting Club For parents to get together and discuss about issues related to parenting. Discussion topics include: parenting tips, childcare resources, etc

Jhoana Monroy



Beauty Club

To share and spread the love for beauty in its many forms: facials, make-up, special effects make-up and more.

Kim Garcia


Theatre @ RockCreek To enhance the PCC Rock Creek Theatre Community, to encourage appreciation of live arts among the campus, and to congregate for the practice of theatre skills


Evan Batson



Acapella Club

To create a creative space for students to learn acapella and music theory and to socialize

Daniel Simpson


PCC Music Club To learn new music as a group and perform our material at talent shows and concerts

Erik Jarlstrom



PCC Fighting Game Club To gather fighting game enthusiasts and create a community where casual gaming is taken to a competitive level

Bryce Canete




PCC Break Dance Club

To provide a fun and safe environment for anyone who would like to practice and learn breakdancing as a well as any other kind of dancing.

Cody Kim



PCC Color Guard

To promote the art of color guard and be involved with student/community activities through performances

Janie Prince


My Little Pony Club To create a fun place for individuals who are interested in the popular television show and watch, discuss or enjoy the company of like minded people

Tyler Anderson


League of Legends Club To build a cooperative team around a video game for competition and recreational playing

Cameron Guillory



Rock Creek Qigong & Tai Chi Club


To promote wellness and mental focus through moving meditation

Chris Cuda



Comic Creator Club

To bring people together who are interested in comics or creating/writing their own ideas. To promote creativity amongst friends

Kimberly Shaff


Japanese Anime Club To bring together like-minded people who are interested in Japanese Anime

Kenji Hayashi


Judo Club To allow those who want to practice Judo outside of class and to introduce the art of Judo to those interested

Cody Grater


Panther Soccer Club To co-ed soccer to teach teamwork, group skills and socialization through soccer

Jose de la Torre


PCC Mens Lacrosse Club To bring like-minded athletes in order to show, build skills and provide an area to play

Jacob Wolbaum


Tennis @ PCC Rock Creek To bring tennis enthusiasts together to teach and provide a place to play the game

Joo Sung Ahn