File Review

Human Resources is charged with the responsibility of maintaining official employee files. Supervisors and departments may maintain other employee files for specific purposes. It is the practice of Human Resources to maintain separate files for sensitive and personal information on employees, such as records relating to health insurance, worker's compensation claims or employee grievances. The confidentiality of these employee files is the responsibility of Human Resources. To protect that confidentiality, Human Resources has established procedures to restrict access to those who are authorized by College regulations. An employee file review log is maintained to record such access. Authorized staff of Human Resource are exempt from use of the log.

An employee may review his/her official employee file in Human Resources. An employee may request a copy of any document contained in their file.

File Additions

Management initiated documents directed to be placed in an individual official employee file will be either addressed to or copied to the employee. Documents pertaining to evaluation or discipline shall be signed by or initialed by the employee before placement in the employee file as an indication that the material has been read by the employee.

The employee has the right to respond to or answer any document in the official employee file. The response shall be placed therein.

Removal of Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions will be removed from the official employee file of a non-exempt employee upon the request of the employee or his/her supervisor at the completion of two years if no additional disciplinary actions have occurred during that time.