Management will establish a general policy directive supported by procedures to be followed by employees at each College campus or other facilities. Such closures may occur as a result of weather conditions or infrastructure failures. Generally, when weather conditions are the cause, closure or delayed opening will apply to all PCC facilities; when infrastructure failures are the cause, closure or delayed opening will apply only to impacted PCC facilities.

Delayed OpeningĀ 

In the event of unusual circumstances resulting from extreme adverse weather, natural disaster, fire, or other emergency beyond Management control, it may become necessary for Management to delay opening and/or close some or all College operations at one or more campuses or other facilities.

In the event of delayed opening, all employees will report to work in accordance with procedures established by management. If an employee is unable to report to work due to adverse weather, such absences will be charged to vacation, unused compensatory time or, if none, taken as unpaid leave.

Closure During Business Hours

In the event of a closure which occurs during hours of operation, a closure time will be announced and all students and College staff, except those officially designated as "essential personnel", are expected to leave College facilities within 30 minutes.

Responsibilities of Managers During Closures

Managers who are not designated as essential personnel are asked to ensure that students and employees in their respective departments adhere to the College procedures. Some managers may also be part of their campus/department "phone trees" and may be asked to exercise those responsibilities for communication during these periods.

Management and confidential employees shall receive regular pay for all days of closure in a fiscal year.