The purpose of professional development is to benefit the College by providing the opportunity for eligible staff to secure additional education, training, experience or to engage in creative work that will enhance their competence and currency in their fields to carry out College duties.   

The following provisions shall generally govern professional leaves for Management and Confidential staff, however, the President shall have the authority to recommend Board approval of professional development leaves which are exceptions.  Professional leaves of less than six months must be approved by the President; leaves of six months or more require approval of the Board of Directors.

Management Staff

Continuous appointment employees may be granted professional leave every five years of employment for a period of up to twelve months.  Employees must complete one year of College employment upon return from professional leave or repay the compensation received.

Leaves of up to three months of leave are granted at 100% annual salary, a leave of six months at 85% annual salary or a leave of twelve months at 50% annual salary.  Leaves for other periods of more than three months, but less than one year shall be prorated.  There shall be no reduction in health, dental, life insurance or tuition waivers.  In the event a requested leave extends over parts of two or more academic, fiscal or calendar years, the project under consideration shall be the same in the extended period and the total time requested shall be considered as one leave and the appropriate percentage of salary stated above shall be applied.  Otherwise, it shall be treated as two or more separate professional leave requests subject to the 5 years waiting period in each of the requests.

A request for professional leave shall be made in writing, shall include a summary of the proposed education, training or creative work to be undertaken during the period of the leave.  Requests should be submitted four months prior to the beginning of the requested leave.  Requests are submitted to the executive officer who will forward applications and financial arrangements with recommendations to the District President within two months.  The applicant and Human Resources will be notified in writing of the approval or disapproval of the professional leave request. 

Upon completion of the professional leave, the employee shall provide their executive officer with a written report on the work undertaken during the leave or make a presentation to an appropriate audience.

If an employee needs to cancel a previously granted leave, Presidential approval is required.

Confidential Staff

Confidential employees may be granted two and one-half days annually for professional development.  This training will be coordinated and developed in conjunction with the employee's supervisor.

Confidential employees are eligible to attend work-related classes and workshops during working hours with the approval of the immediate supervisor.