Approve an EPAF

The EPAF Approval Process

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Once an EPAF is created and submitted electronically, it goes through an approval process. First, it is reviewed by an HR Information Systems (HRIS) Specialist; next, it moves to the employee's Managing Supervisor's queue. The manager then must decide to either approve the EPAF, return it to its originator for correction, or remove it from the system entirely. Once it is approved by the Manager, the EPAF moves on to the Manager of HRIS for the final stamp of approval.

The approving manager should set up another manager to approve EPAFs when they are absent ("proxy" -- see directions below). Approvers also have the ability to create and approve their own EPAFs if they work for small departments without an Admin. Specialist.

How to Approve (or Not Approve) an EPAF
Proxy Directions

A short online EPAF Approval Training is required for Managers in order to be set up as an EPAF Approver. To get set up for the training, email Tom Gerhardt.

Other Items of Note

When you're working in Banner, you may notice an error message that reads "You have Electronic Approvals Transactions." It is a known error; just click "No" a few times and it will go away. For more details about this error message, refer to: [intranet].