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You can use the online EPAF process to pay instructors for Substitute Pay. This replaces the IPA form for hourly substitution of Faculty. The substitute instructor does not need to submit a biweekly timesheet in addition to the EPAF -- it's all covered once your EPAF is created, submitted, and approved.

Here are the two kinds of Substitute Pay EPAFS, with their corresponding Job Type codes:

  • SUB – Sub Pay, Replacing Faculty NOT on Paid Sick Leave
  • SUBSL – Sub Pay, Replacing Faculty on Sick Leave

You may need help creating a Substitute Pay EPAF the first time or two. Feel free to contact your HRIS Specialist or the TSS Training Team for help.

Important Items of Note

When To Create the EPAF

The start and end dates of the current payroll period are built into the Substitute Pay EPAF system, and users can only create Substitute Pay EPAFs within each specific payroll period. For this reason, you cannot "backdate" substitute pay to pay someone for work performed during an earlier payroll period, and you cannot set up Substitute EPAFs in advance of the payroll period. If you must make a special note about the dates you have specified, use the Comments section of the EPAF to do so.

EPAF Query Date

The Query Date for your EPAF must equal the "Begin Date" of the current bi-weekly payroll period. If you do not indicate this date correctly, you will have to delete the EPAF and do it again.

Single Pay

Substitute Pay is paid on a single pay day; it is not divided over multiple pay periods. If the substitute work is performed through two (or more) biweekly pay periods, a second EPAF will need to be filled out to cover the second period.

Job Title

When typing in the Title for the job, use this format: SUB/[Subject and Course Number]/[Org Code]/[CRN]

For Example: "SUB/WR121/B40401/41221"

When you have a substitution that you are paying for part of the class like LAB-A or LAB-B, please note it next to the subject; for example: "SUB/BI101(Lab-B)/B40401/41221."

Brand-New Employees, or Returning After a Long Absence

If you have an employee who is new to PCC, returning after an absence, or if you are unsure whether the employee is in the PCC system as an active employee, follow these steps to Prepare to Create an EPAF for a New Employee before continuing.

Step 1: Access the EPAF Form on MyPCC

  1. Log into MyPCC. MyPcc Secure Login
  2. Go to the Employee TabTab.
  3. Go to the Banweb channel and click on Banweb Main Menu. Banweb Channel
  4. Click on the Employee Services TabTab.
  5. Click on Electronic Personnel Action Forms:


  6. Click on New EPAF to start the processes of creating a new EPAF.