Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Our values reflect those of our community

As the largest post-secondary institution in Oregon, PCC is integral to the fabric of the community. Wherever you live, PCC is a part of your neighborhood – in the form of a campus, a learning center, a class or a workforce training program. We serve more than 93,000 students each year, and we are one of the largest employers in the state.

These are the commitments that guide us in creating a better future for our community.

Making education available for every kind of student - no matter a student's age, ethnicity, location, level of education or financial status.
Training the Portland area’s workforce for a stronger economy - partnerships with employers keep curriculum relevant and targeted to the current market.
Preparing students for four-year colleges and universities - a gateway to higher education for the growing number of college-educated Oregonians.
Making opportunity happen for PCC students and the community - the PCC Foundation makes higher education and career training affordable for all.
Strengthening our region’s economy - PCC-trained students create a skilled workforce that attracts businesses to Oregon.
Lifelong LearningLifelong Learning
Enriching the community through lifelong learning - from hobbyists to connoisseurs, 30,000 students each year choose to never stop learning.
Serving, learning and growing in the community - cultural events, student volunteers, and campus facilities make PCC a resource for the public.
Building a greener workforce and shrinking our carbon footprint - leading the way with green courses of study and a mission to become carbon neutral.
Using our community’s resources wisely - careful use of tax dollars and annual audits make PCC a fiscally sound community investment.