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Hybrid and Face-to-Face Class Information

Information for my Face-to-Face and Hybrid Classes:

My class will likely be run differently than any other math class you’ve had before where we will be doing the class as a “flipped” class. Here is a great video that describes what a flipped model looks like and here is a video KGW did over my class using this model. This will give you the opportunity to pause, rewind, and rewatch my lectures on your own time and spend class time actually working on the problems with me there to help you instead of passively taking notes. We will be using MyLab Math for all of this.

Hybrid Class:

Our course in D2L will open for you to check out the week before the class starts and you will have work to do leading up to that first class meeting so make sure you have at least signed into our class that first Monday of the term so you know in advance what assignments you need to complete before our first class meeting.

This class is called a “hybrid”, which refers to the combination of face-to-face (f2f) class meetings (40%) and work/interaction online (60%). In this hybrid class we are going to learn everything that you would learn in a face-to-face class, but there will be a lot more of an emphasis on you (the student) having the discipline and perseverance to push through difficulties in learning the material each week. Main thing to know is that you will expected to learn the material independently, outside of class, by completing the Before Class Learning Assignments in MyMathLab before each class meeting in order to be prepared for the in-class portion. These assignments are a combination of lecture videos made by me that teach the material and several low level questions over the videos to ensure you learned what you were supposed to learn.

Then, during our once-a-week in-class time, I will answer your questions and we will work on activities and in-class assignments that pertain to the concepts you have learned by completing the before class assignments.

I understand this next part may come across as un-encouraging, but from experience, I have found that students can be unfamiliar with just how much time is need to be successful in an online or hybrid class.  Below are some things you should know (warnings) about our hybrid class format so you can decide if it is a good fit for your time commitment and learning style.

  • You should expect to spend between 10-15 hours a week on our course and these are best done in small chunks throughout the week.  So plan to study for our class at least 3 times a week in addition to class time.  In a traditional, face-to-face class you can sit passively and obtain information by the exchange between teacher and student. That component is minimized in this class format and you will need to spend extratime outside of class to first learn the material and then practice what you have learned.
  • An online or hybrid learning environment is harder than a face to face course. You have to be very disciplined and make sure you have a set schedule of when you will study. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to study then an online learning environment is not for you.
  • I do not recommend you take this course if you are taking a full class load and working. Try to leave yourself free time in your schedule that you can use when emergencies arise. For example,

Suppose you get ill and fall behind a few days (this occurs in traditional learning environments as well). If you are only taking two classes it could be possible to catch up, but if you are taking three and working full time, then it will be more difficult to do so. Furthermore, the class starts quickly and the pace continues throughout.

  • YOU SHOULD begin the before class assignments the first day of availability.  If you tend to wait for deadlines to complete your work, this learning format might not be the best fit for you. It will be impossible for your brain to learn and retain the information if you  try to do it all in one sitting or just the day before class.
  • You will need a high speed connection from home and you need to be comfortable with technology and able to learn quickly if not familiar with a piece of software.
  • If you are not sure if an online learning environment is a good fit for you, PCC Distance Learning has a quick assessment to help you decide.  Check out the Start Guide at http://www.pcc.edu/about/distance/students/osg/.  If this were a 100% online class, you would be required to take this assessment before enrolling.  Even though our class is only 60% or so online, it can help you understand what is expected from you and resources that can help you be successful.