Your Virtual Backpack: The Start Guide for Online Learning

Carey Larson

Virtual Backpack

Coming soon for Spring 2015!

The Distance Education department is developing a “start guide” for students who want to take their first online course at PCC. The primary purpose of this experience is to improve student success in online courses. This prerequisite activity will help prepare our students for the rigors of online coursework, and allow the student to decide if online courses are appropriate – before they register for an online course. We hope that this experience will serve as a tool to enhance the PCC student experience online, prepare them for success, and foster a sense of community and camaraderie for the online student community.

How it works

  • The prerequisite “course” is self-paced and can be completed any time after admission.
  • Students will be notified of the requirement prior to registration and provided with instructions for accessing and completing the guide.
  • The guide modules must be completed and submitted prior to registration for your first online class.
  • The modules should take about one hour to complete.
  • Students who have already taken an online course at PCC will not be required to complete guide modules.

Content overview

The start guide experience is intended to help students understand if they are prepared to take their first online class, if they have the necessary skills and resources to succeed, and offer tips to help them plan for success.  The start guide modules will address:

  • study skills
  • technology skills
  • academic integrity
  • student support services
  • individual attributes
  • life factors
  • learning styles
  • what to expect in your first online class