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This information is no longer current
Course Challenge Policy
  1. Credit courses so designated by the Subject Area Curriculum Committee (SACC) may be challenged by special examination at a time set by the appropriate department chair or instructional administrator.
  2. Students currently enrolled in such a course must request a challenge from the department chair or instructional administrator prior to the third week of classes or in a proportionate period of time for courses less than one term. Students must have formally withdrawn from the class prior to submitting the challenge form and to taking the challenge exam.
  3. Students must be currently registered in credit courses or have previously completed credit courses at Portland Community College. Students must have an established Portland Community College transcript before the challenge credits will be recorded.
  4. Challenge credit may not be used to meet the 30 quarter hour residency requirement.
  5. Students must complete and submit to the Business Office a challenge form with the current non-refundable fee. If the student successfully challenges the course, the student will pay the course tuition rate in effect at the time of testing in order to receive credit. This fee will be applied to the tuition for each class. Students must complete the challenge exam within two consecutive terms.
  6. The department may issue a letter grade or a "Pass" for successful completion of a challenge as determined by each SACC. The grade will be entered on the student's transcript through a Grade Review Request Form submitted by the department chair. All challenge courses will appear on the transcript as credit by examination. Students should be aware that a letter grade of "Pass" may not transfer to other colleges or be acceptable for certification or degree requirements. Students will assume responsibility for determining if the challenge credit is transferable to another institution.
  7. Students may take the challenge exam for a specific course only once.
  8. Students may not challenge a course in which they have previously enrolled or audited and received either a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) or a mark (W, CIP, I, NP, P, AUD, or X.)

Effective: June 1, 1997