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Walsh Construction Co. in honor of Bob Walsh & Bob Forster

Walsh Construction

We build a better community when we help students access their potential.

Bob Walsh and Bob Forster, founders of Walsh Construction Co., are both long time Portlanders. The two devoted their careers to shaping and building our community through a passion for building affordable housing, education and community projects. They have a deep commitment to local philanthropy and Portland Community College is one of the organizations they choose to support. They were founding sponsors of a long-running golf outing to raise funds for PCC student scholarships, and they continue to provide life-changing resources to students through gifts to the PCC Foundation.

Walsh Construction Co. chose to honor their founders as Champions for Opportunity in gratitude of their leadership and in recognition of their strong beliefs in mentoring the next generation of Oregonians. Bob Walsh and Bob Forster have worked hard to ensure individuals in our region are supported in the pursuit of their dreams. Contributing to The Student Success Endowed Fund, which will provide critical and perpetual funds to meet students’ greatest needs, is a powerful way to recognize their commitment to student access and success.