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Robert Frisbee

Denise & Robert Frisbee

I have decided to join my wife, Denise, in becoming a Champion for Opportunity because the story of PCC is very compelling in a world where good news is often hard to come by. 

I was first introduced to PCC when Denise became a Director on the PCC District Board, and with each event we attended, I became more impressed with the value that PCC provides, not only to students, but to the community as a whole.

There are all sorts of ways that life puts barriers up and if you’re always having to figure out where your next meal is coming from or where you are going to sleep, how do you come up with the money for tuition? Community College provides that step up that is needed for students to reach their goals and support in achieving their goals is vital.

I see PCC as a smart investment. The college and the PCC Foundation are well-run, well-managed and well-respected. We know that our donations are being stewarded responsibly, and that’s important to us and other donors.