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Michael J. Gentry

Mike Gentry

I decided to become a Champion for Opportunity because I believe in the students at PCC and I want to help them find success in their endeavors.

Having attended a Midwest four-year university followed by law school, I had no familiarity with or exposure to the community college world until I joined the PCC Foundation Board fifteen years ago. Early on in my tenure, I realized two things: 1) community colleges, and in particular PCC, fill many of society’s employment and career needs gaps that universities do not, and 2) the vast majority of students at PCC face accessibility challenges and financial struggles that I had not encountered. 

I’ve volunteered to sit in on a number of scholarship application reading sessions, and I am continually humbled by the hurdles that our applicants face. The resolve they demonstrate in pursuing an education they know will enrich their lives and provide meaningful employment is awe-inspiring. My commitment as a Champion for Opportunity is my small attempt to help them reach their goals.