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Student Retention

Course Progress Notification (CPN)

What is CPN and why should faculty use it?

CPN is an early alert system designed to give students feedback about course progress. It gives faculty an easy and systematic way to communicate with students regarding attendance, class participation, completed coursework, current grades and overall performance. CPN generates an email to individual students noting concerns or positive feedback faculty have and provides students with information regarding PCC student services and resources.

How can faculty find and use CPN?

It's easy. Go to the MyPCC Faculty tab and click on Summary Class List in the Tools channel.

MyPCC Faculty tab image menu under faculty tab

On the Class Summary List, or roster, click on the CPN link located at the far right of each student name.

summary class list

Faculty should select the message type that addresses concerns or commendations to the student. If concerned about student progress, CPN allows faculty to select from a list of concerns, including attendance, preparation for class, assignment/exam scores, missing or incomplete assignments, and participation, to name a few. Providing students with a current course grade is optional and space is available to provide additional comments. After the CPN entry form has been completed, faculty can preview the message prior to sending it to the student. Both student and instructor will receive the CPN email.

CPN entry form

When should CPN be used?

Research shows that early notification of academic problems is one of the best methods to improve student retention. Faculty can use CPN at anytime throughout the term, but it is recommended CPN be used during the first half of the term. The first four to five weeks of the term are critical for students to evaluate their progress and to improve class performance. If at a minimum faculty use CPN to send midterm progress reports, this will give students some of the information they need to be successful.

What resources are available to students?

PCC offers a variety of services and resources for students who are struggling with coursework. The CPN email provides students with a link to the College Success track of Panther Tracks to help identify services that might assist them. Faculty are encouraged to know about these services also, in an effort to refer students when appropriate.

Tutoring & Learning Centers: Tutoring at PCC is designed to give students individualized attention to succeed in courses and beyond.

Computer Resource Centers:The CRCs offer Macintosh, Windows and UNIX computers. Software applications include Internet access, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, web page authoring, presentations and programming languages.

Online Tutoring: Tutoring in Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Math Medical Coding, MS Office, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Web Development and Writing. Writing advisors can offer advice on a number of writing related issues.

Academic Advising: Advisors can help students maximize their college experience by offering assistance with course selection, degree planning, registration procedures, college policies, and assisting with academic concerns or special needs.

Counseling: Counselors can assist students with career development and exploration, learning problems, study skills, personal issues, and assessing abilities, interests and values.

Disability Services: Students with disabilities requesting services and /or accommodations are required to register with DAS. Disability Access counselors work with students to determine which services best meet their individual needs.