Survey Statement

The Smoking Task Force was convened by the Educational Advisory Council (EAC) of Portland Community College to review the Tobacco Use Policy. The EAC asked this task force to review the current policy and determine if it can be enforced, to gather input from the entire college community regarding this policy issue, to hold forums at all campuses with all employee and student groups regarding this policy issue, to address the issue of enforcement as it relates to the policy, and to provide a recommendation to the EAC regarding the policy.

The Smoking Task Force seeks to ensure that the process remain inclusive, deliberative, collaborative and thoughtful. The Smoking Task Force seeks to ensure that data and information gathering be balanced in nature to include smokers and non-smokers input. The task force has developed a survey to assess the campus community climate regarding this issue.

The survey results will be widely published and shared with all college stake holders. While the survey results will provide information and guidance to the Smoking Task Force in its next steps, the results will not be seen as the final decision. Follow-up forums will be held on each campus to further discuss the survey results and the issues of tobacco use at PCC facilities.

Please take 5 minutes and fill out our survey. It is important that we hear your voice. The survey can be found by logging in to MyPCC.