Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

  • Attend all EAC Leadership meetings:
    • EAC regularly scheduled meetings (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ planning meetings the week before each  EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the Deans of Instruction (DOI) immediately prior to each EAC meeting (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ meetings with the District President and Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs (VPASA) (monthly)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in June (one day)
    • EAC Leaders’ retreat in September (one-half day)
    • EAC retreat in September  (one-half  day)
    • Attend at least one PCC Board meeting per year
  • Appoint members to the EAC Membership Committee pending approval of the EAC.
  • Keep charge of the EAC membership in conjunction with others of the EAC Membership Committee:
    • When someone is recommended by the committee, whether new or a replacement, send the list to the EAC Chair as an agenda item, and to the person who is taking the minutes.
    • When approved by the EAC, bring before the district president for a signature, if possible at a regularly scheduled meeting (if this is not possible, you may leave it for a signature with his administrative assistant).
    • When the signature is secured, give the list to the district president’s administrative assistant so she can send each person a formal letter of welcome to membership.
    • Also send the list to the EAC Chair for addition to the email list, and to the person who takes minutes, again, this time for nameplates.  Voting members should have a rectangle around their names.
    • Send the new members the list of duties.
    • Send updates to the Curriculum Office (currently Stacey Timmins, stimmins@pcc.edu) who will post to the website.
    • Keep track of members’ attendance  at meetings.
    • Keep charts of members updated – one to show membership;  the other to show distribution.
  • Be familiar with and consult EAC By-laws
  • Help provide guidance on meeting procedures based on Dorothy Zimmerman’s Roberts Rules in Plain English.

Membership Chair Duties by month:

  • September
    • EAC Leaders retreat and EAC retreat
    • Send forward the new students’ names (if it hasn’t been done already in June) and the committee members’ names.
  • October
    • Bring standing committee members’ names to the EAC for approval. 
  • January/February
    • Send targeted messages to the PCC community asking for EAC volunteers for the next academic year, depending upon the vacancies that are open.
    • Send message to mail-users asking for nominations for EAC Chair and place an item on the February agenda to ask for further nominations.
  • March
    • Meet with EAC Membership Committee to determine which names to send forward based on a spread of diverse representation among campuses and disciplines.
    • Introduce nominees for the EAC Chair and provide an opportunity to make a statement regarding their qualifications
  • April
    • Bring names before the EAC as nominations for EAC membership. 
    • Run the election in the April EAC meeting for EAC Chair
  • May
    • Bring nominated members’ names to the District President for approval and then follow the process above
    • Remind standing committee chairs that next September they will need to have a list of their members to present to the EAC.  Suggest names  to them from EAC applicants who were not able to become members this year.  The standing committee chairs appoint them with EAC approval.
    • Obtain the names of students who have agreed to serve on the EAC from the Student Leadership Coordinator for recommendation in September.


  • Compensation has generally been $1000.00 per term.

Suggestions on how to find various members:

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs is permanent

Deans of Instruction: do not need to be recruited nor is there a term of office.  There will be one from each campus.

Campus President (rotate among campuses):  consult the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs

Dean of Student Development (three-year term):  Will rotate among campuses.  Consult with the outgoing dean and/or consult with the EAC Chair.

Division Deans:  (three year term, renewable once):  One from each campus – usually recommended by Deans of Instruction.

Enrollment Services:  is permanent

Students:  Check with the Student Leadership Coordinator.  There should be one student representative from each campus.  Check with the coordinators rather than the students as to whether they want to renew.

Student Leadership Coordinator (three-year term):  Rotates between campuses.

Full-time Faculty (three-year term, renewable once):  Send email to Department Chairs/Division Deans/SAC Chairs/FTFaculty lists for nominations.

Part-Time Faculty (up to three-year term, renewable once):  Send email to Department Chairs/Division Deans/Part-timers for nominations of ------------ status.   Strive for one from each campus;   part-timers may be paid at the college projects rate for attendance.

Academic Professionals (three year, renewable once):  One from each campus - three

Classified (three-year term, renewable once):  Two – from different campuses

EAC Chair (one-year term, renewable four more times):  Must be a full-time continuous appointment faculty member, but not necessarily an EAC member. 

EAC Standing Committee Chairs (one year terms, renewable):  These are appointed by the EAC Chair.

EAC Standing Committee Members (no term limits):  Send suggestions to the standing committee chairs in May or June in anticipation of the following year.  Ask to have their names by September.