EAC - Ad Hoc 4-Credit Conversion Committee

4-Credit Conversion Committee Minutes
February 23, 2004
by Porter Raper

Present: Scott Huff, Linda Warwick, Porter Raper, Nancy Wilder, Frost Johnson, Susan Wilson, Karen Jolly, Guy Sievert, Frank Goulard, Jan Abushakrah

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 9, 3:30, Sylvania Campus CC Conference Room B

4-Credit Conversion Throughout the State:

Porter spoke with Elaine Yandle-Roth of the Community College Workforce Development Commission. She reported there is no statewide effort to move to 4-credit courses. Some community colleges are moving that way, as well as the OUS schools. U of O and PSU have moved to 4-credits; OSU is moving that way department by department; OIT is unknown.

  • Of the Community Colleges:
  • Clackamas has 4-credit Writing courses
  • Central has 4-credit Social Science, Arts & Humanities, and Science courses
  • Lane is planning to convert fully in F06, but moving more rapidly.
  • Linn Benton is converting along with OSU.

Suggested we get documentation on what all 2- and 4-year schools are doing.

Last Meeting we listed positives. What are the negatives?

  1. Use of facilities
    • Will 4-credit courses fully utilize facilities?
  2. Scheduling
    • Teaching a 4-hour block sounds abysmal for student and faculty
    • May need to utilize earlier time of day to utilize space
    • How will two 2-hour blocks of time fit schedule?
    • Could do 1 hour 2 days a week and 2 hours 1 day a week
    • Explore weekend (Sunday) classes
    • Explore other creative solutions
  3. Faculty workload
    • Could impact part-time pay if teach fewer classes
    • Would 16 contact hours (4-credit) replace 15 contact hours (3-credit) for FT workload?
  4. May be a costly conversion at a time when extra dollars within the college are not available to support extra faculty work.
  5. The curriculum review process may need to be streamlined for this conversion, as well as the Degree/Certificate process.

Questions and Suggestions

  • How has PSU handled the move from 3-4 credits with room scheduling and faculty load?
  • Could look at specialty schools for scheduling information, faculty load, etc.
  • Will every LDC department be required to convert?
  • Who decides first how to configure classes and how will it be communicated to the college at large?
  • Who/When will the General Ed requirements be determined?
  • Look at one pilot SAC. Determine:
    • Number of 3-credit courses to change to 4-credit courses.
    • Number of FT and PT sections. Look at cost impact to PT.
    • Number of sections total to offer.
    • Any courses that will not be able to offer?

More positives

  • 4-credit sequences (2 4s) saves time for students
  • Cover more of each text and fewer required, saving student dollars

EAC/TLC Forums

Prior to leading forums at the three main campuses, the following information needs to be available:

  • Mockup of a schedule
  • One SACs program how will it look
  • A possible student schedule
  • Information from OUS and Oregon Community Colleges about conversion
  • Assurances of workload impact
  • Possible look of degrees
  • List of all 3-credit courses

We decided to hold the forums the week of April 19 or April 26 (M/T/Th), 2-4 pm. Karen (EAC Chair) and Porter (3-Credit Conversion Chair) will lead the discussions. At this time, Karen will arrange for rooms for both weeks.

Forum should include all interested college personnel and students. Contact student government leaders.

SAC Discussions

The SAC inservice is April 16. It is important that the community begin discussion. Porter will send a message about the progress of the committee and its plans.

Degree Sheets

Susan Wilson presented advising sheets that have been prepared that show the transferability for selected programs from PCC to OSU, U of O, and PSU. When a sequence is involved, PCC students take 3 3-credit course (9) to equal 2 4-credit courses (8) at the university. Sometimes the university will take PCC 3-credit course to replace a 4-credit requirement without penalty.

It is generally easy to transfer from PCC to PSU. However, our transfer students are often required to take more upper division courses that native OUS students do not take.

Institutional Research Needed?
Information about transfer/graduation comparisons of PCC transfer students and PSU native students may be gathered. Guy will pursue.

What next?
Porter will send a message to the college community early next week.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 9, 3:30, Sylvania Campus CC Conference Room B


Discussion Items for next meeting:

  • Disciplines and programs that would be affected -- Guy
  • What degrees might look like Guy
  • College-wide announcement update Porter
  • Forum Update Karen
  • Presidents concerns and questions Karen and Porter
  • Committee assignments to prepare for forums (?)


Committee Chair 2005-2006: Porter Raper, updated on October 14, 2004


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