Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The Charge

  • ¬†Explore and examine issues surrounding part-timers and how the current system affects the educational experience at PCC, listing both positives and tension points
  • Categorize the issues as:
    • Issues within our control
    • Issues we might influence
    • Issues beyond our control
  • Make recommendations to the EAC based on findings

The Timeline

  • January 23, 2013: Taskforce Approved
  • End of Academic year, June 2013: Initial organization and introductory surveys accomplished
  • End of Academic Year, June 2014: Recommendations to EAC
  • Revised Timeline (1.29.2014): June 2015
  • Note: Report has been completed (February, 2015) , and even though it focuses on Culture, Climate, and Experience of Part-Time Faculty at PCC, the EAC has been requested to postpone a vote of approval until PCCFFAP negotiations are completed. The report will remain on the "Action Agenda" and be postponed each month until that takes place.

Most Recent Draft of ACCEPT Report

ACCEPT Recommendations
Important Nationwide Report on Contingent Faculty: Adapting by Design

This important report argues that part-time faculty should be part of the intentional planning of a college, rather than ad hoc unintentional growth.

The Survey, Redacted (2013)

The Survey, Redacted and Analyzed in Spreadsheet (2013)

History of PCC with Regard to Part-Time Faculty (2014)

The working website: meetings, readings, documents, discussions - please join in!

The Members

Allie Flanary, Full-time Reference Librarian Faculty, SY, Co-chair

Tanya Pluth, Part-time Composition and Literature Faculty, CA,Co-Chair

Martha Bailey, Part-time Philosophy, Religion, CA, RC, SY; TLC Coordinator, CA

Louis Bruneau, Part-time Emergency Management; Business Administration, CA

Sylvia Gray, Full-time History Faculty, SY; EAC Chair

Kerry Pataki, Part-time Anthropology and Geography Faculty, SY

Alyson Lighthart, Division Dean of Math and Sciences, CA

Theresa Love, Faculty Department Chair, Developmental Ed, Reading/Writing, RC

Michael Street, Part-Time English Composition, RC

The Co-chairs: Allie Flanary and Tanya Pluth

Please contact us with your ideas. See working website for current activities