Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Ad Hoc Four Credit Conversion Committee  
membership and minutes
Chair: Porter Raper

4 Credit Conversion - Curriculum Committee

The ad hoc committee's membership is currently the following:

Porter Raper, CA, English--Committee Chair Frost Johnson, Registrar Nancy Wilder, CA, Business
Linda Warwick, SY, Composition Joel Magnuson, RC, Social Sciences

Frank Goulard, SY, Math

Jan Abushakrah, SY, Social Sciences Kate Dins, CA, Division Dean, Business and Government Susan Wilson, CA, Advising
Student: Jill Severson, CA Scott Huff, SY, Dean of Instruction Guy Sievert, VP Academic Affairs
Karen Jolly, SY, CAS, and EAC Chair

For 2003-2004 minutes, click on the appropriate highlighted box below

February 16, 2004 Minutes
February 23, 2004
2:30-4:30pm CPWTC Room 201
March 9, 2004 Tuesday
3:30pm, SY Campus CC Conf Room B
April 1, 2004 Thursday
3:30pm, SY Campus CC Conf Room A
April 12, 2004 Monday
8:30am at CPWTC Room 304
FAQs for the 4-Credit Conversion Committee 
Sociology Conversion Model Memo 
Sociology Conversion Statistics
April 29, 2004 Thursday,
3:30pm at SY CC Building, Conf Rm A
Committee Chair 2005-2006: Porter Raper