Performance Logs

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When it’s time to evaluate an employee or to do a self-assessment, it can be difficult remembering all the work accomplishments over the year. A good way to keep track is to use a performance log.

The Performance Log is an excellent tool used by employees and supervisors to help document work performance throughout the year. The log can be used to record activities such as when an employee has exceeded expectations, shown initiative, gone "above and beyond" and/or suggested and implemented ways to perform a task better. It can also be used to document events requiring attention and/or improvement.

For managers, this information will provide the means to compose a comprehensive assessment. For employees, the log is a help in remembering their accomplishments for their self-assessments.

You are welcome to use the form that is provided or try other methods of listing. A manager or employee may keep a file where memos, letters from customers, etc. are stored for future retrieval. Sending an e-mail to oneself could be another way to keep track of work activities.

Regardless of what system is used, a log of some sort prevents us from relying on memory alone.