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How to Work with the SBDC

Business Advising

Start your entrepreneurial journey with our SBDC New Client Orientation.

In the Orientation our team will help you assess your level of readiness and provide you with access to programs and resources. The Business Development path includes: THINKING about starting a business, LAUNCHING a new business venture, GROWING your current business, and RE-INVENTING or expanding a business. Each level of learning gets you to a higher level of business and personal development. Step out and enjoy the path to success on the SBDC Business Development pathway.

Reserve a seat in the next New Client Orientation at our website: BizCenter.org. On the home page, in the top navigation bar, choose “Centers” and then the Portland location. Choose the “Events” tab and find the available New Client Orientations under the Business Basics listing. Select the Orientation that best fits your schedule and location, then follow the “Register for this even online” link and follow the prompts starting with your email address. Confirm your registration by clicking the register tab at the bottom of the page. That’s it. We’ll see you at Orientation!

Which program is right for you?

Small Business Development services are available to anyone who owns or operates - or is considering starting - a small business in Oregon. Business owners who seek advice are found everywhere. They comprise a complete spectrum of business stages, from start-up to mature companies.

New Client Orientation

Our New Client Orientation is designed to quickly and succinctly give you the information you need to know to access our many services. You will hear about what we do, what we offer, what you can expect of us, and what we will expect of you.

There is plenty of time for questions. After hearing the information you can decide which of the SBDC services can best serve you and your business needs. We will also help direct you toward the services available that meet you where you are so you can hit the ground running. Learn more »

Business Advising

Business Advising is an integral part of the SBDC Business Development Pathway. You will learn about how to access SBDC advising services in the New Client Orientation.

Advisors can help you with starting a business, marketing, planning, financing and more. After attending the SBDC New Client Orientation, completing the Directed Self- Study program, and your draft Business Plan, an SBDC advisor will help you develop a custom Action Plan for your business to put you on the path to successful growth.

Next Steps:

For more information on this program contact SBDC: 971-722-5080 | sbdc@pcc.edu

To Become a Client:
  1. Visit BizCenter.org to reserve your seat online.
  2. Attend the next SBDC New Client Orientation.