Naming of College Facilities and Programs - B 703

The PCC Board of Directors recognizes the symbolic significance to the College and to the community associated with the naming of facilities and programs. The Board of Directors has the sole authority to approve naming agreements for all College facilities, programs and faculty/staff positions.

The College Board is receptive to naming agreements that honor and recognize individuals, families and companies that have either made or intend to make and/or pledge a substantial “major gift” through the PCC Foundation for the benefit of PCC students and programs. Additionally, the Board of Directors will consider naming proposals for individuals (living or deceased), families and companies who have provided “extraordinary service” to the College or to the community. 

The Board of Directors has developed guidelines for the application and implementation of its naming policy. The College Board will seek input and involvement, when financial contributions are involved, from the PCC Foundation Board in the design of naming proposals and in the preparation of naming agreements. The College Board also reserves the right to rename or terminate naming agreements upon certain triggering events, such as conviction of the donor/honoree of a felony, passage of time, or substantial reconstruction or renovation of a structure by a new donor. Such triggering events will be set forth in the naming agreement.

(May 2005)