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Volunteers for Capstone

Thank you for your interest in helping the Portland Community College Paralegal program prepare students for the real world by reviewing a Capstone project and hosting a virtual information interview with a graduating student!  To sign up, please email aubrey.baldwin@pcc.edu with your full contact information.

How will the interview be set up?

The interviews will take place in the 8th-12th week of each term, and will be arranged by the student directly with you for a mutually agreeable time and method of meeting.  They will also arrange to get you their Capstone projects before the meeting (electronic documents). While the pandemic is ongoing, please meet with your student remotely, either by phone or video chat.

What is the purpose of the interview? 

The interview has many purposes for the student meeting with you. The interview will allow the student to practice preparing for and conducting themselves in an interview process, from contacting you to follow-up. Some of our students have very little background or access to legal professionals and workplaces. By meeting you, the student will be increasing their professional network, viewing a role model in professional conduct and collegiality, and conquering nerves. Moreover, students will be expected to discuss themselves and their Capstone project with you, which will aid them in their interpersonal oral communication skills.  Students have not been assigned a presentation to give, they have simply been asked to arrange an informational interview with an assigned legal professional. In addition to sharing about themselves, the students will be expected to ask questions of you and your work.

What is the Capstone?

Before setting up a meeting with you, the student will have completed a Capstone project.  The Capstone is essentially a polished writing sample and an explanatory memorandum about the writing sample and the skills used to write it, a resume and a cover letter.  Students are encouraged to put together their Capstone in a way that will make it useful to them later to support their candidacy for a job.

What is your role? 

Your role is to review the Capstone and offer students feedback on their projects, ask students questions about their education, experience and skills, and give feedback to students about how they did in the interview in writing following the interview.  You won’t be expected to give grades!

If this sounds like an interesting way to give back to the next generation of legal professionals, please email aubrey.baldwin@pcc.edu with your full contact information.