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This information is no longer current
Advisory Committee Policy

Advisory committees assist in the development of new vocational technical programs and provide current business, industry, labor and professional support and advice to existing programs. The advisory committee and the staff of the corresponding vocational program are to work together to ensure that the program is addressing current business, industry, labor and/or professional employment needs.

Establishing a Committee

An ad hoc advisory committee shall be established when a new vocational technical program is under consideration by the College. Membership will be formed according to the Advisory Committee Guidelines published by the College and be officially appointed by the Dean of Academic Services.

Instructional advisory committees, other than those for vocational technical programs, may be requested, developed and appointed with the approval of the Dean of Academic Services. Advisory Committee Guidelines apply to these committees as well.

State Regulation

The Oregon Department of Education in Chapter 581, Division 42, (November 1983) of the Oregon Administrative Rules states that for vocational technical (occupational)* programs, standards for course approval procedures require that courses and curriculum (vocational technical programs) "shall be developed and operated with the advice and council of employers, employees, and other persons knowledgeable of the requirements of the occupation involved." Further, "the member- ship of the advisory committee providing advice and council in the develop- ment of curriculum" is to be provided as vocational technical curriculum is submitted to the State Department of Education for approval.

It is further required that a description of involvement and contributions of the committee as pertains to curriculum and program development and evaluation be sent to the State as a part of the program application. When the program application has been submitted and full State approval granted, a permanent advisory committee shall be established in accordance with the Advisory Committee Guidelines.

*Includes occupational preparatory and occupational supplementary courses and/or programs.