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This information is no longer current
Use And Sale Of Instructor - Authored Materials

Published and unpublished instructor-authored texts, as with all texts, shall be adopted by the appropriate SACC and shall be used for all sections of affected courses.

Published instructor-authored texts shall be sold through the Bookstore under standard Bookstore procurement and sale policies. Author-published texts shall be treated no differently by the Bookstore than texts published by second parties, i.e., nationally recognized publishers.

Unpublished instructor-authored materials, including open- entry,individualized lab materials, shall be printed by the Instructional Media Center and sold by the Bookstore under prevailing IMC/Bookstore arrangements.

Unsold unpublished instructor-authored material will be delivered to the appropriate department at the end of each term unless the same material will be used in the following term. The department's supply budget will be charged for unsold material. Should the same edition be used again, the department shall be allowed to return the material to the bookstore and have its supply budget credited.

Only one edition of unpublished instructor-authored material shall be sold per academic year.

Course content guides, syllabi, and handouts are excluded from this policy.

Requests for exceptions to this policy shall be initiated by the appropriate SACC and submitted to the Dean of Academic Services, who shall have authority to approve the exception.