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This information is no longer current; content now covered in E202

See current E202 policy at: http://catalog.pcc.edu/handbook/e202-experimentalcourses/

Special Topic Courses

All programs are authorized to offer experimental Special Topics Courses for the purpose of introducing new materials on a trial basis. The follow- ing designations shall be used:

XX 199 or 299, SPECIAL TOPICS: Course Title - for lower Division Transfer courses, and Professional/ Technical Education courses.

Special Topics courses shall be approved by the appropriate SACC, the SACC's administrative support person, and the Executive Dean (in the case of a single-campus SACC), and the Dean of Academic Services (in the case of a multi-campus SACC). A course outline must be filed with the Curriculum Office, but no other approvals will be required.

Special Topics Courses shall be offered a maximum of two terms, after which the course material must be offered in a conventionally numbered course having the normal course approval.

Existing Special Topics Courses now being offered shall be converted to conventionally numbered courses within one year or be dropped from the list of approved courses.

Except as provided in the "Granting Degrees and Certificates Policy," degree and certificate candidates (matriculating beginning the Fall of 1990) shall be limited to 9 credits of 299 Special Topics Courses.

Effective Date: Fall Term 1990