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This policy is inactive and has been superseded by G301.

See current G301 policy at: http://catalog.pcc.edu/handbook/g301-gradingguidelines/

Institutional Withdrawal Policy
Educational Advisory

Responsibility for withdrawal from a class within the specified withdrawal time lines resides with the student. To have tuition charges removed, students must withdraw from the class within the first two weeks of the term (or equivalent*). If a student withdraws from a class in the first four weeks, the class will not appear on the transcript. A withdrawal in the fifth through the eighth week will show as a W on the transcript. Students must withdraw before the end of the eighth week, or a grade or mark will be assigned by the instructor.

Faculty may deny registered students access to a class if they do not attend the first class session or stop attending class anytime through the end of the fourth week. Faculty denial of access will not remove student tuition charges. From the fifth week on, faculty may withdraw a student for lack of attendance. Faculty must indicate the last date of attendance to withdraw a student; that date must be within the first eight weeks of the term, although paperwork may be processed later. A faculty-initiated withdrawal does not result in tuition charges being removed.

* Time lines stated here refer to an 11-12 week term-length class. Equivalent deadlines must be substituted for classes offered in shorter formats.

Implementation date: Fall Term 2002