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Chris Chairsell

Vice President Academic and Student Affairs

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Greetings!! Here is some information that might be useful to you...

I have sent out sabbatical information to the college community (I don’t have an address list for all faculty). I have received news that not everyone is receiving this information. May I ask Administrative Assistants, Department Chairs, Deans, Division Deans and SAC Chairs to share this information with faculty? The information is posted on our Office of Academic and Student Affairs Website.

Change in Format for SAC In-Service Day – October 24, 2006

In an effort to develop the academic voice of the college, and to have an opportunity for me to become more familiar with faculty members, we are planning for all faculty to meet at the Rock Creek Campus. About 2 ½ hours will be spent with me, staff, and faculty EAC leaders to discuss the upcoming accreditation visit, outcomes, electronic CCOGs, Program Review, Catalog, Bond Discussions/Academic Planning, Wait List implementation, and Pre-Requisite implementation.

All of the above items will require SAC participation and input. I want to ensure that we give faculty appropriate opportunities to consult on these important issues. We will arrange for rooms for SACs to convene their meetings at Rock Creek. I think that these logistical changes will allow Division Deans to better support and facilitate discussions. I will also be available to meet with individual SACs as requested.

This is a one-time event. You can expect your Spring SAC In-Service day to revert back to its original format. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wait List – Automated and Improved – Implementing in Winter Term 2007

Over the summer, we conducted a pilot test of the new, automated wait list with faculty. Here is a quick update on information concerning the wait list:

  • There will be a wait list for every Course Section/Course Reference Number (CRN)
  • All courses, except for “restricted entry courses/programs” will use wait lists. The Cabinet and Presidents want students to have consistent access at each campus and every department.
  • Instructors will have control of the wait list during the first week of the course when adjustments to the course rosters are made.
  • Registration for Winter Term begins Friday, November 17, 2006. Instructional Administrative Assistants who enter courses must have their wait list information entered into Banner Thursday, November 16, 2006.
  • Division Deans, Department Chairs and Instruction Administrative Assistants should work with their departments, district-wide, to make sure that wait list counts are consistent. There will be training events available for Instructional Administrative Assistants and Division Deans. These training events will be held after already scheduled BUG Meetings. Details will be sent to the BUG User Group. Contact for this information: Rebecca Mathern, x7195.

The general recommendation from the Lean Process was that a wait list should be the same size as the class itself. Modifications to this recommendation can be made. In general, a larger wait list is better than one that is too small to assess student demand.

The following is a summary of our electronic wait list function:

  • Electronic movement of a student from the wait list to the class will occur when a space opens
  • An e-mail notification to the student’s MyPCC e-mail will be sent to the student informing them of their registration in a class
  • Students will not be able to add themselves to a wait list one full business day before the course begins

The electronic wait list will shut off according to the following schedule:

Electronic wait list shutoff schedule
If The Class Begins On: Electronic Wait List Shuts Off
Monday/Saturday/Sunday Prior Thursday at 11:59pm
Tuesday Prior Friday at 11:59pm
Wednesday Prior Monday at 11:59pm
Thursday Prior Tuesday at 11:59pm
Friday Prior Wednesday at 11:59pm

More information about the wait list will be forthcoming.

MyPCC Update:

  • In 2005-2006 Course Tools were used for about 700 courses each term
  • Student are now receiving Financial Aid letters, Honor/Deans/President’s List recognition, notification of their registration times, bills, and information about holds on their accounts via their PCC e-mails
  • Registration on the College Business tab has been re-designed in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for students
  • The News & Events channel will be enhanced to show more of what’s happening on campuses and leaving more of the My Announcement channel for direct faculty-to-class postings
  • The Faculty tab just got a facelift -
    • The calendar of instruction has been added
    • You can view upcoming TLC events
    • The Curriculum Office is on the brink of rolling out the new CCOG Management Tools

Expanding Access to Science Education (EASE) Conference – Providing Support to Faculty in the Development of Learning Science Labs:

  • Open to all faculty, staff, and administration from Oregon Community Colleges that teach in Science, Allied Health, and Nursing areas
  • Friday – October 27th 2006, 8:30am
  • Portland Community College, Central Portland Workforce Training Session
  • No cost to participants
  • Food will be provided during the conference with Dinner at OMSI
  • Main speakers in AM
    • John Arle (Maricopa CC) "Online Instruction for the New Millennium"
    • Frank Granshaw (PCC) “Cooperative Learning & Distance Education: Can They Coexist?”
    • Jennifer Freed, (Rio Salado CC) “Instructional Decisions”
  • Breakout sessions will be in the afternoon