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ESOL 30 – Level 3  (Fall 2021)



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Hello everyone!  Welcome to our class homepage!  We will use this page for our Level 3 ESOL class.

You can email me at tara.larsen@pcc.edu

You can call or text me at 503-460-2764.

Class Information

Click on this link – syllabus – for class information.

Paying for Class and Fee Waivers
Here is information about paying for class.
Here is a video to help you pay on MyPCC.


  • Emergency grants ($) – PCC has emergency money for students.  Check your MyPCC email the second week of the term to get the application form.
  • I need an interpreter (translator) = please text Tara.  We have interpreters to help!  (Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, etc)
  • I need food, work, or childcare = Look at the website.  PCC has many people to help.  Everyone wants you to be successful

         Life is very stressful now!  Please ask for help!