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PCC RC Mathematics Instructor

Building 2, room 210



COVID Notes:
Summer Term MTh 20 Online Students: Please note that my summer class is an online-only class. We do not have regular class meetings. Additionally, you do have access to the class site the Friday before the term starts. For additional class information, such as text and exam dates, please refer to my frequently asked questions link.
Fall Term Students:  I am teaching ALC/ALM lab classes. These classes will run with ZOOM meetings with some class time and individual student/instructor meetings. I am also teaching online MTH 20. Since the MTH 20 class is an online class, it will run as usual with minimal COVID adjustments.  See notes below and my frequently asked questions link regarding my online MTH 20 class

What Matters to Me?

I want us to be a learning team. I want to help you learn a lot of math, carefully and correctly. I want you to become a better critical thinker and to be prepared for future math classes at PCC. And I want you to leave my class with confidence in your math ability and in your ability to be successful. I want you to do your part. Work hard and wisely. Practice. Succeed.

Consider taking an ALC or ALM MTH lab class!

You can take an ALC/ALM class before, or at the same time, as your math class! ALC/ALM classes will help you prepare for MTH 20, 58, 60, 65, 70, 95, 111 or 243, OR taking an ALC/ALM lab will help you be successful in any of these classes! In these classes you’ll be working on the specific skills you need to rock your math class! Check out the ALC/ALM Math Course Information link at the top right of this screen. These classes can be found under Alternative Learning Courses or Alternative Learning Math in the schedule! I often teach these classes and I would love to see you in one my sections!

In my ALC/ALM classes, you’ll be working at your own pace, mostly using technology, to review math concepts and to make sure that you’re prepared for your next math class or to help you succeed in the math class you’re currently taking.

Trying to Register for an ALC but can’t?

Email me, (or the instructor of the section that you’re trying to get into)! Most of the time, we’ll be able to let you in!

To my Future MTH 20 Students:

Check your MyPCC email routinely as we near the start of the class.  I will send relevant information to you prior to the course start date.

Also, if you are planning to register for math 20, make sure to take this short “Are you prepared?” questionnaire to verify that math 20 is the correct place for you!