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Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Tony Zable and I am a full-time physics instructor at PCC.  Since the SARS-CoV-2 shutdown, by necessity, I have had to survive the jungle known as remote instruction.  Through it all I discovered the world of Twitch, TikTok and Discord (even adopting the monikers: DrZPCC and DrDisRegard). I suppose, the social isolation of our present world, along with having two teenage offspring, also played a significant role in these “discoveries”. My current inspiration is the development of an online, 3-D, multi-user, physics lab environment that would bridge the gap between the on-campus and on-line physics lab experience for students.


Professional Background:

Located at Cascade Campus, I’m a Physics Instructor and the Faculty Dept. Chair for Physics, Env. Sci., Geology, and Gen. Sci.  I earned a PhD in Environmental Sciences & Resources: Physics at Portland State University, where I studied the biophysics of ion channels in skeletal muscle.  Prior to joining  PCC, I was at various times, an NIH Post-Doctoral Fellow (neuroscience research institute), Transportation Analyst (consulting firm), QA/Process Engineer (local high-tech company) and Project Manager (for an internet start-up company). Now, I wear a gamer headset while awkwardly streaming my class sessions on Zoom while dreaming of effectively integrating the best of interactive gaming/VR technology and the traditional physics lab experiences to create a transcendent educational platform.  Funny how life works out.


BS, Physics/Honors, Portland State University, 1991

MS, Physics, Portland State University, 1996

PhD, Physics/Honors, Portland State University, 1996

Postdoctoral Fellow, Vollum Institute, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1997-98

Professional Links

Tony Zable’s LinkedIn Page

PCC Physics Department

Contact Info:

Office: 218A Jackson Hall, Cascade Campus

Zoom: https://portlandcc.zoom.us/my/drtonyz

Google Meet: azable@pcc.edu

Office Phone: 971-722-5040