Hello!PHOTO: Andrew Butz (headshot)

I’m Andrew Butz — Sociology & Community Ed instructor. Part of this great job is sharing my story: While I’ve worked/ lived/ traveled globally, in dozens of countries, Oregon has remained my home since the days when Nikes were actually made by local Beaverton workers. My passion to teach & practice sociology aims to balance: 1) Being a ‘dispassionate’ scholar, while 2) working for a better world by sparking learners’ sociological imaginations. Here’s a VIDEO (1:45).

I have taught at various colleges & universities (U.S. and abroad) from the dawn of the social media age, and PCC has long helped facilitate my ‘scholar-change-agent’ work.  My BS is in Tech. Journalism / Business Relations from Oregon State Univ. And my research focus (Sociology MS & PhD from Portland State University w/ Univ. of British Columbia doctoral candidacy) analyzes media framing of social change movements, i.e.Selling Protest in the News”. I’m published nationally (e.g. in The Social Science Journal, about the Portland phenomenon); I consult for local green & social justice (‘ESG’) organizations; and I’m most excited about exploring music and our one planetary home with family, friends & neighbors. Credit courses I’ve taught include:

  • SOC 204 – Intro to Sociology; SOC 205 – Social Change; SOC 206 – Social Problems;
    SOC 280A – Cooperative Education; SOC 320 – Globalization (PSU).

My latest Community Educ/CED non-credit course is…

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