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Increase data and technology capacity

The data work group is developing plans to:

  • Increase districtwide data and information literacy related to equitable student success
  • Provide metrics to support YESS initiatives
  • Create a plan to improve data to inform decision-making, including the increased use of Argos reporting technology to inform decision-making at macro and micro levels of PCC
Data and Technology Task Force
  • Laura Massey, Director Institutional Effectiveness
  • Tammy Billick, Dean Enrollment Management
  • Kendra Cawley, Dean Academic Affairs, Sylvania
  • Michele Cruse, Dean Student Development, Cascade
  • Jeremy Estrella, Dean Social Science, Rock Creek
  • Kathleen Freitag, IT Portfolio Manager
  • Marc Goodman, Computer Information Systems Instructor, Sylvania
  • Katy Ho, Vice President Academic Affairs
  • Linda Fergusson-Kolmes, Biology Instructor, Sylvania
  • Jen Piper, Dean of Instruction, Southeast
  • Jeff Pettit, Math Instructor, Rock Creek
  • Jody Potter, Student Systems Support Manager
  • James Sauve, Composition Instructor, Sylvania
  • Loraine Schmitt, Dean Distance Education
  • Carrie Weikel-Delaplane, Associate Dean of Students, Sylvania

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