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TANF Services

The following programs are available only for individuals currently receiving TANF assistance.

Jobs Plus
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TANF Participant profile: Job-ready but unfruitful job search, needing additional job related skills.

Paid employment in wide variety of public, private and not-for profit workplaces, learn valuable workplace skills, 6 month duration, often leading to direct hire.

Jobs Plus interns are full-time (between 30-40 hours a week) and considered temporary workers subject to the same rules and company policies as other staff. Employers who hire through the Jobs Plus program will receive partial reimbursement for the first six months of employment and can hire interns on permanently at the end of the assignment.

Work Experience

TANF Participant profile: Limited or no recent work experience, in need of good work reference.

Volunteer internship opportunities in wide variety of public, private and not-for-profit workplaces. Build skills, expand experience and gain references for the future.

Work Experience offers employers a great opportunity to meet staffing needs. Interns will work part-time (between 5-25 hours a week) in an unpaid position. This is a great opportunity for interns to develop new skills, gain recent work experience and develop professional references.

World of Work Internship Program
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Participant profile: Age 16-24, TANF recipient or living in TANF household.

Develop job readiness skills and be placed in a paid internship for up to 100 hours. Work sites include public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Build skills, expand experience and gain references for the future!