Transitions Program

Location: Sylvania CC 237 (Pine Room)
Phone: 971-722-8580
Coordinator: Ginny Christian

The Transitions Program is a strength-based supportive learning community dedicated to easing the transitions to college, career, and life changing possibilities for single parents, displaced homemakers, and other students in transition. Our purpose at the Transitions Program is to help remove any obstacles that could get in the way of your progress to college success. The program is geared to the needs of students with families, jobs, and other responsibilities who wish to prepare for the future. This program empowers students to think assertively and to become independent in their thoughts and actions.

What services does Sylvania’s Transitions Program offer?

  • Sylvania’s Transitions Program includes the following classes: Career Planning, College Success, Life Transitions (Assertiveness/Values), and Fitness for Life. Classes total 6 transferable elective credits and are tuition free.
  • Other services include mentoring, academic advising, counseling, resource referrals, and help getting scholarships. Financial assistance may also be available for school-related expenses (child care & transportation), depending on fund availability.
  • The program also offers leadership opportunities, including work and volunteer jobs that help student develop communication and leadership skills.

What is the cost of the program?

Most of the Sylvania Transitions Program’s classes and services are free. Text and materials are provided. There are a few costs for fees ($23) can be paid by your financial aid award. Sylvania’s Transitions Program has some funds from private donors to help low-income students who are not eligible for financial aid to pay your costs for you.

Admissions process

To be considered for admission, you must complete the following steps:

  • Attend a 2 hour information session from 2:30 – 4pm in the CC Pine Room:
    • Tuesday, February 13
    • Wednesday, February 28
    • Tuesday, March 13
    • Wednesday, March 28
  • Apply for federal financial aid
  • Take the PCC college placement test
  • Submit a Transitions Program application. (The PCC Admissions applications may be submitted after attending an information session. You will be considered for the next available class.)
Selection of applicants for personal interviews

Sylvania’s Transitions Program staff will select candidates for personal interviews and notify you at least two weeks before the next Transitions Program class whether you have been selected. Your interview and final admissions decisions will take place at least one week before classes start. An interview is the final step before admission, but does not guarantee admission.