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Student Advocates

We have hired all of our Student Advocates for the 2019-2020. Come back in April or May for the 2020-2021 application.

The Rock Creek Women’s Resource Center provides a central location for services that support the academic achievement of women, while working to increase access to education for women, improve the retention of women students at the college, and encourage women’s leadership development. We serve all students and the PCC community.

The Women’s Resource Center is a program that:

  • Collaborates and builds partnerships
  • Provides leadership on women’s issues
  • Advocates for individuals
  • Bridges women together
  • Advocates for women in education
  • Promotes multicultural feminism
  • Title IX confidential and privilege advocacy

The Women’s Resource Center values a women’s right to:

  • Food, shelter, access to health care and education
  • Physical and emotional safety
  • Economic self-sufficiency
  • Workplace equality
  • Reproductive choice
  • A voice in policy
  • A supportive community

Student Advocates in the WRC will provide assistance and resources to students and the PCC community, work in the WRC 6 to 8 hours per week (unless otherwise arranged) during the academic school year (Fall, Winter and Spring Term) with the exception of finals weeks. Advocates will be responsible for WRC programming and event coordination on campus throughout the year. They will attend a weekly staff meeting (1.5 hours) and will be paid for all required training activities.

Student Advocates in the RC WRC will develop key leadership skills in the areas of advocacy, community responsibility, collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, communication/public speaking, mentoring, peer-crisis intervention, resource knowledge, event coordination, time-management, self-reflection, exploration of gender issues, personal expression in value of diversity, and professional competency skills … and we have a lot of fun!