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Events and workshops

Our commitment to you

This year, student advocates have committed to ensuring our events center intersectionality and center the needs and experiences of BIPOC, undocumented/DACAmented, transgender and queer women students. We are working to ensure that all events are accessible to any disability and/or trauma-related accommodation.

We have also committed to an interest in discussing food insecurity and food justice work at a majority of our events and planning.

If you are interested in being involved, especially if you identify with these movements, identities and experiences, we are always looking for volunteers!

We hope to see you soon!

Regular programming

Our programming is still in the planning stages for this year. Look back for more details about the following regularly scheduled events soon.

  • Parenting Club
  • Let’s Chat about Disability Lunch Series
  • Tuesday Feminist Film Lunch – we screen films every Tuesday beginning at noon.Tuesday Feminist Film Lunch
Examples of our upcoming events:
Domestic Violence Awareness Month – October

Our resource fair was a huge success. Stop by for the remainder of October to make a pledge about what you will do to interrupt domestic and sexual violence.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October

Events scheduled for the week of October 28. Contact the PCC RC WRC for more information.

What We Were Wearing

November 7, 12:30-4pm, Building 5, Room 122

Come see an exhibit of the outfits that survivors of sexual violence and harassment were wearing at that time along with their anonymous narrative. Help us interrupt the myths that blame survivors. This event is for and includes submissions from people of all genders and sexual orientations. If you would like to submit an outfit/narrative to the event, it will be returned to you after.

Contact Hailey Beers or stop into the WRC for more information.

Soup Day: Intersectionality and Food Insecurity
  • November 19, 1-3pm at the PCC RC WRC (Building 7, room 119)
  • Join us at the WRC as we break bread (or rather slurp soup) together, watch some short films and discuss food insecurity, the impact on our communities and ways that we can do something about it.
  • For more information, stop by the WRC or contact Kiera Hansen.