The awards section on the homepage is meant to show the stature of the institution, and to promote the college brand. Currently, we only show awards on the PCC homepage, but we’ve discussed including it on other prominent pages (such as the Get Started page and campus pages).


  • Types of awards we show:
    • General college-wide accolades
    • Campus awards that reflect on the district as a whole
    • Awards from someone else honoring PCC
    • National awards or highly impacting regional awards
  •  Types of awards we don’t show:
    • Advertisements for someone else, like for-profit colleges (a lot of them do lists which may include PCC, but are really an advertisement for them)
    • Individual, departments or program awards – that’s what features and news stories are for

Development info


  • Stylesheet location: /source-v6/styles/applications/_home.scss
  • The Web Team adds awards to the page manually, and also manages the Awards page.
  • The icon or logo has to work well in flat white.
  • If using a logo, make sure you’re adhering to the organization’s brand guidelines.
  • Icons should be 400px wide and roughly square.



The awards section shows three awards that we want to highlight. All three icons point to the Awards page, which lists an archive of all our awards which meet the criteria. We’re in the process of gathering a list of all the awards we want to archive. In the future, we may list a section at the bottom of the awards page that lists individual, department and program awards, as well.

Each award includes a simple, white icon (or logo if applicable), the organization that gave the award in smaller text, and the award name in larger text.

Responsive behavior

The three award icons stack vertically on small screens.

Desktop view

3 horizontal awards

Phone view

3 vertical awards