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Alerts display on the PCC homepage and MyPCC login page as part of our emergency notification system to inform our community about emergency or unplanned closure information. To avoid confusion, every attempt is made to keep the text for an alert consistent with the message broadcast via other communication channels.

Alerts are posted by Communications staff upon direction from college administrators. The Web Team acts as a backup in case there are any issues with the system put in place to manage alerts. The Web Team may also post alerts in the case of a technology issue.

In most cases, alerts are used for closures related to weather events. During periods of questionable weather, the Web Team posts an announcement to educate our audience on where to look for closure information.


  • Alerts are not displayed for closures due to scheduled events, such as national holidays
  • College practice is to not announce openings (e.g., we won’t post a “college open” alert even following a closure)

Development info

Learn about posting alert messages on Spaces.


When an alert is issued a notice will appear in red at the top of the PCC homepage and on the MyPCC login page. The alert is summary text that links to alert.pcc.edu for additional details.

Responsive behavior

The icons and text stack vertically on small screens, rather than lining up horizontally.

Red alert message bar above the main header